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UAB "Hovden"

RN: 302624115
VAT: LT100006122518
Pamiškės g., Klaipėdos raj., Lithuania
Company Size131 Employees
Average Salary, Men/Women2034.06 / 1535.77 EUR
Revenue8473397 EUR
Salary1711.63 EUR
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Company overview

We are an international Norwegian-Lithuanian company specializing in the production of Scandinavian-style sofas and sofa-beds. For more than 70 years, Hovden has delivered furniture to Nordic homes. All our furniture is prepared individually by the customer's choice of model, fabric, wood and color. Our sofas are still made by hand by qualified craftsmen, and the work is characterized by good quality, carefully selected materials and attention to details. The work is carried out at our own, privately owned factories where we ensure good working conditions, proper equipment and an environmentally friendly production. We hope to have created furniture that everyone will feel like at home.