Accuracy supported by Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence reads a candidate’s competencies and an employer’s requirements in a unified format and prepares data for an accurate match.
The system reads the CV, and evaluates and counts the competencies of the candidate. The recruiter no longer has to waste time studying a candidate's CV, trying to understand what their competencies, skills and experience are.


Wizard for a match

Individualised wizard provides recommendations to improve your chances of a successful job match.
Based on the data, the system evaluates which employee competencies are most in demand, which city currently has the most jobs or specialists on offer, and the average salaries of other employees, as well as how the job/candidate offer can be improved to become more desirable in the labour market.


Data transparency

The system provides as much data as possible: the number of suitable offers, company information, the number of competing offers and specialists available, the average salary paid by companies, the salary offered by employers and sought by employees, and the actual salary for which specialists are employed in the selection process.
We want this information and job offers to be available not only in nearby countries but throughout the region, giving candidates and employers the freedom to make choices and giving great opportunities for the best hiring decisions.


Automated solution

A full hiring process and project management taken care of by an automated AI and ML-based solution saves time and other resources.
The system evaluates the employer's requirements and the position offer, compares it with the candidate's competencies and expectations, and provides an evaluation of how well the employer’s offer and the candidate suit each other. So no time is wasted on unsuitable offers and candidates.


CRM Software

The system includes CRM, a user-friendly tool for managing recruitment projects. In CRM, you can easily follow and streamline projects, communicate with employers or candidates, coordinate the next steps in the project, browse the candidate database, see project statistics, and get insights from AI wizard.