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RN: 300003647
VAT: LT140489219
Gedimino pr., Vilnius, Lithuania
Company Size10 Employees
Revenue1505000 EUR
Salary2581.47 EUR
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Company overview

We think globally, and we act globally. Having two offices in different continents, tech-friendly environment, latest tools, and technologies, and most important - affiliates around the globe we don’t believe in borders. Wherever you want to go - we will get you there. We represent one of the world's largest networks of independent public relations agencies - PRGN (Public Relations Global Network) to the Baltic States. The network's agencies share good practice, experience and ensure the highest standards of professional and business ethics. And most important - we know each other, we cheer for one another. We are not just business partners, we are all friends. We belong to RSVA (Association of PR agencies in Lithuania) and every year we gain all 5 certificates for our work standards.