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EKSMA Optics

RN: 300624547
VAT: LT100002802516
Dvarčionių g., Vilnius, Lithuania
Company Size98 Employees
Average Salary, Men/Women3189.44 / 2738.97 EUR
Revenue16509098 EUR
Salary2999.24 EUR
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Company overview

EKSMA Optics is a manufacturer and global supplier of precision components used in industrial and scientific lasers, laser systems, and other optical instruments. The company’s product range includes laser optics, nonlinear and laser crystals, optical systems, electro-optic modulators - Pockels cells with their drivers, ultrafast pulse picking systems, high voltage power supplies, and timing generators. EKSMA Optics has an optics production facility, starting from the design of optical elements or optical systems with ZEMAX to final optics polishing, CNC manufacturing of spherical or aspherical precision lenses, and deposition of dielectric coatings based on advanced Ion Beam Sputtering technology. EKSMA Optics owns cleanroom facilities for assembling electro-optical and optical systems. The company participates in international R&D projects with partners from EU countries developing components used in laser systems for life science, medical and industrial applications.