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FinAgro, UAB

Finance and Insurance
RN: 174382722
VAT: LT743827219
Mokslininkų, Vilnius, Lithuania
Company Size8 Employees
Revenue230577 EUR
Salary787.11 EUR
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Company overview

FinAgro is a financial services company. We are one of the few specialists accredited and qualified by the Ministry of Agriculture to provide professional advice that helps to make important and timely economic decisions: for companies for farmers for persons We have a wide range of services We organize professional development courses on accounting, financial and EU project preparation and administration topics Our services are covered by the Accountants’ Liability Insurance We are reliable – everyone works with confidentiality and business ethics We are fast – we often do work as a matter of urgency or deal with difficult situations that customers face on a daily basis We have a team of accredited professionals with a wide range of experience who are accredited or have extensive experience All EU projects we have prepared have been approved We consult by phone free of charge on weekdays until 5 pm. We work all over Lithuania We have very flexible pricing