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UAB "Pigu"

Retail Trade
RN: 300866792
VAT: LT100003292317
Laisvės pr., Vilnius, Lithuania
Company Size580 Employees
Average Salary, Men/Women2902.94 / 2401.99 EUR
Revenue160172000 EUR
Salary2681.23 EUR
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Company overview

PHH Group | Pigu Hobby Hall Group is a leading e-commerce platform with marketplace, e-shops, and physical stores in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, and Finland. The company's goal is to be the No.1 choice for buyers when shopping online and to be the best partner for online businesses. PHH Group Marketplace operates by local names - Pigu.lt/marketplace in Lithuania, 220.lv/marketplace in Latvia, kaup24.ee/marketplace in Estonia, and HobbyHall.fi in Finland.