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Information and Communication Technology, ICT
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Vokiečių g., Vilnius, Lithuania
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Did you just cook a killer product or a top-notch agency? All you need now is just a pinch of sales SALT. That's why we are here. To season your current setup with a reliable B2B sales setup. We will take all the fuss out of your sales development process. A dedicated team of sales leaders without the in-house expense. Meant for those who are looking for hands-on results here & now. ▪️ Email infrastructure + deliverability setup ▪️ Outbound templates & A/B testing ▪️ Lead generation ▪️ Omnichannel outreach & appointment setting ▪️ Dedicated team (LRS, SDR, AM) ▪️ Weekly sync calls + regular support Want to play the long game? We are here to frame the whole playbook, hire the right people, and start rolling with the first campaigns of your in-house sales team. ▪️ Your ICP (Ideal customer profile) template ▪️ TAM (Total addressable market) capture ▪️ Guidelines to list building ▪️ Companies qualification + enrichment process ▪️ CRM + New process alignment ▪️ Full qualification & out