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Construction, Utilities and Contracting
RN: 303163475
VAT: LT100008085914
Žirmūnų, Vilnius, Lithuania, Lithuania
Company Size10 Employees
Average Salary, Men/Women2325.96 / 2560.01 EUR
Revenue2274512 EUR
Salary2411.07 EUR
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Company overview

Kondena is a company that strives to be the best in its field. We are innovative engineers with over 20 years of experience in the HVAC field. Our customers include manufacturing companies, real estate developers, logistics companies, hospitals, swimming pools, etc. From our professional experience, we can offer you the best solution based on the client's business profile, project specifics, and investment budget. We offer a solution for engineering systems, taking into account and evaluating the specifics of the client's activity, the specifics of the project, the investment budget, the need for automation of operational processes, the price-performance ratio of the equipment, and the cost of operation.

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