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į.k.: 314033580
Rua Raul Brandao, Lisbon, Portugalija
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Hi, I'm Tomas Kirša I've been working on brand image, digital and experiential marketing issues for more than 15 years. I have had a hand in building many well-known brands. From business management to crisis communication, to tactical e-channel development. My colleagues call me a marketing tech, but I'll put it more simply - a professional problem solver, anticipating several steps ahead. The number of clients I work with is very limited and deliberate. Let others design the conveyor, I see working with clients as a partnership based on strong values. I warn you, I am not an agency person. But I do have like-minded people who are heading in the same direction when needed. The same way you are. I am here to make sure that the potholes on that road are as few as possible, and that when they do occur, they are smoothed out as easily and quickly as possible.