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Menai, kultūra ir pramogos
į.k.: 303589891
PVM: LT100009206014
Antakalnio g., Vilnius, Lietuva
Įmonės dydis269 darbuotojų
Vidutinis vyr./mot. atlyginimas3624.97 / 2487.45 EUR
Pajamos28318420 EUR
Atlyginimas2993.01 EUR
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We are one of the leading tech-driven media and entertainment companies, producing uplifting content in 17 languages for people of all ages. Known for award-winning art and pop culture magazine boredpanda.com and TOP DIY channel Crafty Panda, we fight the world's boredom at an unprecedented speed: 160 million site views per month and 62 billion video views per year. Our team comprises over 600 creative individuals who work from 42 different countries and 4 offices, located in Vilnius, Lithuania.