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Energy, Gas, Oil and Natural resources
RN: 304902983
VAT: LT100011892813
Mokslininkų g., Vilnius, Lithuania
Company Size47 Employees
Average Salary, Men/Women3015.1 / 2671.73 EUR
Revenue8001573 EUR
Salary2957.88 EUR
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Company overview

SoliTek is Northern Europe's biggest solar module producer and a market leader in solar energy solutions. Founded in 2009, SoliTek is a part of the BOD Group, which has been successfully operating for the last 25 years as a family-owned conglomeration of high-tech companies. SoliTek’s solar modules are entirely environmentally friendly since their panels are the world's first to receive the "Cradle to Cradle" Gold certification. This certification verifies that solar modules comply with the highest environmental sustainability standards, energy efficiency, and social responsibility requirements. The manufacturing procedure employs 35% recycled glass or POE lamination foil, and the modules are entirely recyclable after their 30-year warranty period. 100% renewable energy is utilized during the production procedure.