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Energy, Gas, Oil and Natural resources
RN: 302826889
VAT: LT100007031415
Gedimino pr., Vilnius, Lithuania, Lithuania
Company Size71 Employees
Average Salary, Men/Women6023.72 / 4865.87 EUR
Revenue725000 EUR
Salary5316.15 EUR
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Company overview

EPSO-G is a state-owned group of energy transmission and exchange companies. The shareholder rights and obligations of EPSO-G holding are implemented by the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Lithuania. The group consists of a holding company, the transmission system operators managing the infrastructure of electricity and natural gas transmission, the market operators managing natural gas, biofuels and wood exchanges, as well as the company providing the infrastructure maintenance services. EPSO-G group consists of the holding company EPSO-G, subsidiaries Litgrid, Amber Grid, Baltpool, Tetas, Energy Cells as well as indirectly controlled GET Baltic.

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