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THECA Danish Comfort.

RN: 300544802
VAT: LT100002231713
Taikos pr. , Kaunas, Lithuania
Company Size648 Employees
Average Salary, Men/Women1909.95 / 1591.04 EUR
Revenue57185436 EUR
Salary1715.28 EUR
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Company overview

UAB "Theca Furniture" is a Danish-capital, modern company producing upholstered furniture. The company is a part of a global company - „Actona Group“, that supplies furniture to e-commerce and phisical retailers. Our team consists of about 650 professional employees. The collective is guided by the principles of responsibility, friendliness, professionalism and partnership. The company has been successfully expanding for 17 years now and today invites responsible, friendly, flexible and dynamic employees to join our team.