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"Manirentos servisas", UAB

Transportation and Storage
RN: 304398960
VAT: LT100010465916
Gamyklos g., Vilnius, Lithuania
Company Size6 Employees
Revenue534917 EUR
Salary1913.46 EUR
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Company overview

The leader in forklifts and woodworking technology. Many years of work experience in sales, rental and service of telescopic handlers and woodworking machines allows us to respond professionally to customer needs. UAB MANIRENTOS SERVISA currently represents the following manufacturers: CORTX (Lithuania) - log debarking machines; MASI (Brazil) - log debarking machines; DUSTER (Lithuania) - log debarking machines; FEZER (Brazil) - wood chipping machines; DURATECH (USA) - industrial wood waste shredding machines; COMERC (Poland) - wood, straw pellet lines; Münch-Edelstahl (Germany) - wood pellet presses; MPM (Lithuania) - automatic feeding lines; MOBARN (Lithuania/Netherlands) - cleaning of water bodies; AUSA (Spain) - forklift, MANITOU (France) - Forklifts CFMOTO (China) - Motorcycles, ATVs We hope for a pleasant cooperation...