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Uždaroji akcinė bendrovė "BALTIC AMADEUS"

Information and Communication Technology, ICT
RN: 110320619
VAT: LT103206113
Mokslininkų g., Vilnius, Lithuania
Company Size216 Employees
Average Salary, Men/Women4517.05 / 3439.83 EUR
Revenue17144292 EUR
Salary4159.65 EUR
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Company overview

250+ IT pros work to enable digitalisation and leading-edge technologies toward clients’ sustainable business growth. To ensure you the most convenient IT experience, we offer top-quality custom software development, a nearshore development centre, IT consulting, Progress OpenEdge, information security & managed cloud services. Alongside we provide unique omnichannel, eCommerce, marketplace, mobile banking, business intelligence & cloud data warehouse solutions. We are creators – whether it comes to different sizes (SMEs, enterprises, startups) or industries (fintech, telecom, logistics, you name it). We transform our clients’ needs into top-notch IT solutions, products, and innovations.

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