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Energy, Gas, Oil and Natural resources
RN: 300021474
VAT: LT100001010510
Montuotojų, Mažeikiai, Lithuania
Company Size21 Employees
Revenue1916838 EUR
Salary3079.07 EUR
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LLC Metesta has been providing non-destructive testing services to the industry for more almost 20 years years. Since 2007, the National Accreditation Bureau of Lithuania certifies that the quality management system implemented in the testing laboratory of UAB Metesta complies with the requirements of the standard LST EN ISO / IEC 17025 applied to testing laboratories and the laboratory is accredited to perform visual testing (VT), radiographic testing (RT), ultrasonic testing (UT), magnetic particle testing (MT), penetrant testing (PT), leak testing (LT) and ultrasonic thickness testing (UTT) .

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