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VšĮ Baltijos aplinkos forumas

RN: 110090837
VAT: LT100002936910
Kalvarijų g., Vilnius, Lithuania
Company Size:17 Employees
Mean Salary men/women:2531.24 / 2135.69 EUR
Revenue:57763 EUR
Salary:2293.91 EUR
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Company overview

Our main activity is nature and environmental protection. Funding for the implementation of various nature conservation ideas is achieved through project preparation and participation in both national and international project competitions. We also provide consultancy services or volunteer initiatives. Although we are a small organization, we already have a lot of experience in various areas of nature conservation. Currently, our main areas are biodiversity conservation, agriculture and environment, sustainable farming, rural development, management of hazardous chemicals, promotion of nature tourism, environmental education, environmental communication and social responsibility.